It’s Not For Everyone – Episode 2: Comic Book Adaptations Pt. 2

We meant to have a Christmas show, but we started talking about comic book adaptations again, since we’d just caught up on all of the mid-season finales and Jessica Jones.

A good rule of thumb, we spoil almost every TV show or movie. But this one specifically spoils Agents of SHIELD, Doctor Who, Flash, Arrow, & Jessica Jones.  There may even be Breaking Bad and a Gilmore Girls spoiler. So, if you’re not caught up on things, watch out.


Download it here!


It’s Not For Everyone – Episode 0: Origins

Meet Chris Cyr and Balisong Brown.

In this first episode, we discuss everything from knives to hip hop.  There’s also quite a bit of zombies, vampires, and horror movies.  You can tell it was a fun discussion, because we left it all as one block.  That was a creative decision and had nothing to do with us forgetting to leave enough space for transitions from segment to segment.




Download it here!